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"Individual Christians who are shareholders and those responsible within church institutions that own stocks in U.S. corporations must see to it that the invested funds are used responsibly…their stewardship embraces broader moral concerns. (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, "Economic Justice for All," 354) 

Dear Listener:

Thank you for taking the time to check us out! Ethos Logos Investments was founded to help individuals, institutions, and employers amplify their impact via an ethically aligned investment portfolio. 

Whether you are looking to invest in accordance with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines or you want your portfolio to take seriously God's directive to exercise stewardship over His creation by investing in sustainable, environmentally friendly companies: That's exactly what we do and you are exactly who we serve!

We have IRAs, brokerage accounts, advisory accounts, 401k and 403b plans, annuities, life insurance, and fee-based financial plans. We combine faith and finance to offer competent investment and planning services while allowing our clients to honor their conscience by living their values in this important aspect of life and society.

We believe in the power of conscientious people investing intentionally. We've seen its impact and are excited to spread the word and connect with like-minded investors!  If you are ready to take the next step, fill out the contact form below and we will contact you for an initial discussion. I also encourage you to check out the rest of our website for more information. I've included a few link suggestions and an FAQ section below that are specifically geared toward our Relevant Radio family. Finally, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly at the phone number below.

Thanks again for stopping by. We look forward to serving you! 

KJ Smith, CFP®, ChFC®

President, Ethos Logos Investments


Invest with Character.

Investing has an impact. Let's work together to ensure it's the one you want.

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Customized Values-Based:

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  • Advisory Accounts
  • Brokerage Accounts
  • Financial Planning

Catholic Insurance:

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  • Annuities
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Catholic, Christian, Fossil-Fuel Free, & Socially Responsible:

  • 401k
  • 403b
  • Simple IRA
  • Group Insurance Benefits
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