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Investing for Individuals: It’s Personal

"Individual Christians who are shareholders and those responsible within church institutions that own stocks in U.S. corporations must see to it that the invested funds are used responsibly…their stewardship embraces broader moral concerns. (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, "Economic Justice for All," 354)

A Different Kind of Conversation About Investing

The first order of business is getting to know you. We need to know what you’re looking to accomplish and how we can support your overall goals. Who are your trusted advisors? Do you work with a CPA, attorney, insurance agent, or financial planner? We may need to bring them into the conversation to ensure that we’re fitting seamlessly into the good work you’ve already put in place.

Maybe you have a very clear view of how you’d like to incorporate socially responsible investing into your finances, maybe you need a little guidance, or perhaps this is the first you’ve heard that this is even possible. That’s all great! We’ve been there before and we love having those conversation.

The products at our disposal are largely dependent upon your assets available for investment. From faith based mutual funds to custom-screened third-party money managers, we will not know what’s possible until we get to know you better. We also need to discuss scope: What is it that you'd like Ethos Logos Investments to accomplish for you?

Do you need a full-service fee-based financial planner? We can do that.

Need an investment advisor who can merge your faith with your finance? Yeah, that’s us.

Need somebody to review your life insurance and/or annuities? (After all, our primary vocation is to protect and care for our families, right?) We gotcha there too.

Want a firm with institutional experience that can add socially responsible investment options to your work sponsored retirement plan? Just give us the introduction!

Need to talk about succession planning, buy/sell agreement funding, or employee/executive benefits for your closely held business? Those are some of our favorite topics (outside of combating human trafficking, of course).

Our process becomes as customized as our solutions based upon the conversations we'll have. That’s why we need to start there...with a conversation.