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What is Ethos Logos Investments?

Aristotle coined the modes of persuasion Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.

Ethos – a means of persuasion by appealing to one’s ethics

Logos – a means of persuasion by appealing to one’s logic

Ethos Logos Investments is an advisory firm dedicated to helping clients marry their ethics with their investments in a prudent and logical way with intention of improving risk-adjusted returns over time.

What’s missing? Pathos.

Pathos – a means of persuasion by appealing to one’s emotions.

We seek to take emotion out of investing. We support strategic asset allocation and reasoned, fact-based investment decisions in accordance with your Investment Policy Statement.

Competence. Service. Stewardship.

While other’s may appeal to your emotions using get-rich-quick investment “tips” or try to prove their professionalism with daily allocation changes, we work with clients who value long-term relationships and a steady hand. You’ve already made your money. We’re here to help you steward those assets for yourself, your family, your legacy, and your community.

Since you didn’t ask: The Logo

Our logo is a mustard seed within a water droplet. The mustard seed is a Biblical reference to what’s possible with even the smallest amount of faith. The water droplet is a nod to one of the central themes of responsible investing: environmental stewardship and water sustainability. We’ve seen what’s possible through activist investing in helping end apartheid in South Africa and witnessed significant strides forward in combating human trafficking & child sexual exploitation and making environmental stewardship a mainstream goal. From faith as small as a mustard seed, together, we can move mountains.